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Frontier Airlines runs a large airline network throughout the United States of America, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Get Frontier Airlines Ticket Reservation, you can enjoy world class travel experiences. Frontier Airlines is an affiliate and operating brand of Indigo Partners and has also expanded its relationship with Great Lakes Airlines and is looking to further develop its network. With its current all Airbus fleet of 51 planes, the carrier operates a range of up-to-date and progressive versions, such as the Airbus A319-100s, A320-200s and A319Neos. Frontier Airlines promises your flexibility and courteous treatment on board. By booking Frontier Airlines Ticket at you can save big money at your domestic and international trip. Book Frontier Flights and get amazing seat selections & airfare.


Frontier Airlines provides online bookings on both domestic and foreign routes. You can book cheap airfares either directly from their official websites or with the aid of numerous online travel agencies. Online booking is the perfect way to get a cheap air deal. There are also other drawbacks of online bookings, such as flight scheduling details and flight status information.

Frontier Airlines, a carrier known for its ultra-low fares, opulent space and outstanding facilities. Frontier Airlines has four distinct passenger classes: Classic Plus, Classic, Economy and Standard. Each of them provides a particular domain of benefits. To bring it down to the simplest words, the standard fares include only a seat with no add-ons, while the Classic Plus fare is the alternative seat, which requires luggage costs, a free alcoholic or a luxury cocktail.


The other three alternatives, Economy, Enterprise and Classic, are in the middle of the road options, providing more amenities and preferences for regular flyers, but also offering discounts on maximum fare tickets offered by Classic Plus. You will enjoy some of the widest seats ergonomically built for your convenience. When you book your tickets, you'll find plenty of seating options to suit your travel needs.

  • First Class - Frontier Airline offers convenience and luxury with its First Class along with preferred sear, extra luggage allocation, free in-flight entertainment along complimentary beverage aboard.
  • Business Class - Frontier Carrier offers all Business class travellers a welcome cocktail and spacious seating with adjustable headrests.
  • Economy Class – Frontier Airlines provides guests with regular seats along with alcoholic beverage access at an extra cost.


Checked Baggage Allowances The airline does not allow a free check-in luggage allowance, and if you wish to do so, you will have to pay an extra fee accordingly. The number of the external dimensions of the luggage should be 62 in (157 cm), (height + length + width) and the weight should not exceed 50 lbs. Also, a passenger is permitted to carry a piece of the personal object on board. So they need to make sure that the bag fits in the overhead bin.

Restrictions on Weight and Height The number of the external dimensions of the luggage should be 62 in (157 cm), (height + length + width) and the weight should not exceed 50 lbs.
Frontier Airlines' baggage policy is very stringent for safety reasons. Allows:

Baggage Policy

  • 1 personal thing and does not have a fee.
  • 1 piece of carry-on (however it is subject to applicable fees)
  • Checked baggage/Hold luggage: The premium is for an increase in the number of checked bags.
  • Overweight and Oversized Bags: Fees for both are available per bag, based on weight and height categories.
  • Frontier Airlines' baggage size policies allow carry-on bags to be no longer than 16" in length, 24" in height, 10" in width and (including wheels, handles and straps) whereas Frontier Airlines' baggage weight policies limit them from being no heavier than 35 pounds.
  • Frontier Airlines Check-in Luggage size must comply with the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy.


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