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Find cheap allegiant airlines reservations for your domestic & International destinations. Get Allegiant Flights Booking Deals online at & save on Airline tickets. Allegiant Air, owned and operated by Allegiant Travel Group, is a successful low-priced American airline. The air carrier focuses mainly on supplying its passengers with inexpensive air transport services to major tourist destinations to smaller cities and from smaller cities.

Allegiant Airlines was established in 1997 with approximately 100 fuel-efficient aircraft in its commendable fleet, including Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, and McDonnell Douglas MD-88. The budget airline primarily provides continuous flights in Summerlin, Nevada.

Allegiant Air Flights cover over 178 destinations throughout the United States, with San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin, Fort Lauderdale, and Honolulu being among the most popular cities for low-cost reservations to be visited. Allegiant Air Flights cover over 177 destinations in the United States, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Phoenix, among the most impressive towns to be visited with cheap airlines.


Allegiant Air travels across the United States, primarily to smaller regional non-haul airports, to over 120 destinations. Florida has become an important airline territory, as three of Florida's top five airports are counted in the airline's top five in terms of passenger numbers: Orlando/Sanford, St. Petersburg/Clearwater, and Punta Gorda/Fort Myers.

Allentown, Asheville, Bellingham, Cincinnati, Concord, Des Moines, Fort Walton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Knoxville, Las Vegas, L.A., Nashville, Phoenix/ Mesa, Pittsburgh, P.G., Savannah, St Petersburg, and several other destinations are also located. The most important are the sights and amenities of all the city.


Allegiant Air was established in January 1997 and operates various domestic tracks as a low-cost US airline. Originally called West Jet Express, Allegiant Air was rebuilt one year after its foundation. At present, the carrier is the ninth-largest commercial airline in the United States.

St. Petersburg, Orlando, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Punta Gorda, Cincinnati, Myrtle Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Bellingham are among the most popular destinations of Air Allegiant. In its fleet, there are more than 100 planes.

The carrier flies in total to more than 120 destinations. Allegiant makes luxury travel in the USA even more accessible and comfortable from America's classics to world-class destinations. The airline delivers a comprehensive travel experience with great value, low-cost rates, and top travel partners. Charter flights to Canada and Mexico also fall under the jurisdiction of the American airline.

The luggage policy of Allegiant Air requires travellers to carry a free personal object, such as a suitcase, a briefcase, or a small backpack. The scale is overall 7 x 15 x 16 centimetre’s. Passengers can also possess a carry-on bag of no greater than 9 x 14 x 22 inches per passenger.

On Allegiant Air flights, there is no free luggage allowance. Baggage tested needs to be bought. Up to four checked luggage per passenger is eligible for purchase. It shall not weigh up to 18kg per object in checked luggage and not exceed 80 inches in total.

Baggage costs of Allegiant differ based on the route that is flown, and at the time of booking, you can check rates and add luggage. It is also possible to apply more luggage to your booking when you book a flight from Alternate Airlines if you wish to fly with more bags.


Economy Class is the only cabin class with Allegiant's.


Allegiant provides a simple, non-influx, or free Wi-Fi service. Passengers can however use their own personal electronic devices for travel, as long as they meet the luggage limit. A range of snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and food and drink are available onboard. Passengers can check- in online and can even buy a particular seat beforehand.

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