During this Pandemic, no area, corner, or even a single corner of the world left with the touch of the CoronaVirus. Even the Airlines are also taking many precautions like thermal scanning, sanitizing process, giving PPE kit to the passengers to give them some relief from this Pandemic. To Provide some relief while traveling through the Airlines, the airport management has also taken various measures to protect the passengers from the CoronaVirus Pandemic. However, there are various steps where the travelers also take stringent actions while boarding and flying. Many things are considered necessary that should be kept in mind while traveling:

How to Choose the Best Seat in flight during covid-19

Choose the Best Airline Seat:

Not only First Class Flights are fantastic, but the exit row, corner seat, or aisle seats are also good. In case you are traveling for a long destination, you will generally prefer window seats to avoid the disturbance and to get irritated while people are passing for washrooms. When you are traveling with family, avoid the Exit Rows, they provide wider leg legroom. Children of the age of 12-15 should not be allowed to sit on the exit rows. It is also said that if you are sitting on the exit row, then it will be expected to help everyone out in case of emergency. 

Buy Your Airline Tickets Early:

Buying flight tickets too late can cause the problem of pay double, triple, even quadruple prices for booking tickets. When you are going to book the flight ticket near to your travel destination then the price expected to go higher. Buy the tickets early to avail maximum benefits, amazing deals, and holiday packages too. Flights tend to go more expensive when you are booking them at least 1 or 2 months in advance. So do hurry to book cheap flights earlier before it be expensive.

Purchase A Better Seat:

There are many Airlines that offer various Economy Class seats With extra legroom without charging any additional fees. Let’s take an example of United Airlines, there are high ranking frequent passengers found in this airline. They are given an extra pitch towards the front of the Coach cabin. Whereas in the case of JetBlue Airlines, extra wider seats are available for exit rows and having up to an extra 7inches of seat pitch. If you are paying for booking tickets, you should make your money worth traveling. 

Select Your Seat While Booking Your Tickets:

There are many Airlines that give an option to choose your seats while booking the tickets but some Airlines charge additional fees on it. If you’re booking tickets online and do not confirm the seat you want, you can also get it changed from the gate or either at check-in. If you don’t like your seats while booking online, return back to the reservation option and you can approach a better seat if any available at your travel date. 

Confirm Your Seats at Check-In:

Many Airlines allow the passengers to check-in at least 24hours before the flight departs. Before flying, you have the option to change your seats or upgrade your seats before boarding. There are many last-minute discount packages are given for Premium Economy and Business Class. You can also call the Airline directly if online seats is not available to confirm the seats to find better seats. Also, do not forget to check the available seats before flying

Get the Airport Early:

If you reach the Airline too late or arrive late at the airport gate, the airline management may take away your seats. You should always reach in advance to check in for any domestic or international flights. 

Be Specific About Your Seats:

If you know what kind of seats you exactly want, then it will be easy for the agents to get them for you. To get the better seats, always ask to exit row seats or aisle seats in front and never get confused with your choice. If you did not reach your desired seats then wait until the plane door gets closed. There is still a chance of luck to get premium economy or business class seats. Don’t lose hope if you do not get your favorite seats. 

Keep The Agents Informed:

If you are not feeling good or suffer from any medical treatment, or if you need to sit next to your children, then you shall definitely ask your traveling agent. The agents will surely give you better accommodation and provide you with the best assistance. 

Your Kindness Will Always Get Counts:

The Airline management listens to the complaints and demands of the passengers all day. They are normal human beings like us and they also get frustrated sometimes. So, try to keep your voice polite and decent while asking or demanding anything. Always treat better to others. If you talk to them with peace they will surely try their best to fulfill your demands or resolve your problems. 

Last, But Not The Least Covid-19 Precautions:

Among all these, do not forget that we should need to protect ourselves from the Virus also. Always bring to you the proper sanitizing kit. Wear a mask properly up to your nose while sitting also. You are going through a lot of thermal scanning and sanitization processes, and still, carry a hand sanitizer or a spray to get prevention from germs and viruses. Wash your hands frequently. Stay at a distance from everyone and while talking to somebody maintain some social distancing. 

I hope, all these tips and tricks will help you to get better seat options, gives you boarding and check-in conditions, and will let you be aware of the Pandemic and its precautions. Please follow all these rules to get a better life for yourself and for your loved ones. 

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